A Night in Elysian

Saturday night I took my daughters up to Elysian Fields for a night of stargazing. My wife was working late and it was just the three of us. My oldest had an astronomy project focused on the stars of Orion and my youngest needed some playtime after being cooped up in the house all week. I just needed an excuse to get out.

We hopped in the car just after 7 PM. There were still cars making their way up to Dodger Stadium for the COVID vaccine but we were heading in the opposite direction and passed right through. We hit the road up to Angel’s Point in complete darkness maneuvering the curves as the headlights found them. The curb at Angel’s Point, as expected, was crowded so we continued on to the gazebo just above the Bishop Canyon little league baseball field.

It was a clear night above and the stars were easily visible. The Kiddo started her project immediately. With phone in hand and eyes to the sky she lost herself in the moment while I chased her little sister around the gazebo and watched her climb and jump off the round concrete seats. Any fear of the dark she had before was suddenly gone.

Kiddo finished her night of stargazing around 8:40; right as the yellow park services truck was clearing everyone out. We got in the car and decided to make one more stop and drove to Huntington Park for doughnuts at Tony’s Donut House.

Love the service sign at Tony’s Donut House

By the time we got home, the little one went right to bed, undoubtedly tired from her active night. Kiddo and I ate a few doughnuts and watched Coming to America until my wife came home. It was a good night for star searching in Los Angeles.

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