A Difficult Start to 2020

2020 has been challenging to say the least. It has not been all bad but those lows have been dramatic. It’s as if the emotions and events of an average year have all occurred within […]

Layover in Dallas

It was a Friday morning in July. I drank long past midnight the night before. After helping a coworker to his room at the Airbnb in which we were staying, I crashed in bed knowing […]

The Kobe Bryant Story Was Not Supposed to End This Way

Things were not supposed to end like this. The Kobe Bryant story was not supposed to end at 41. The Gianna Bryant story was certainly not supposed to end at 13. The stories of John, […]

Driving California State Route 1: The Pacific Coast Highway

Long before today’s modern highways intertwined through the entire country, the term highway referred to long roads made for long distance driving. The best known of these roads is Route 66, which originally traversed from […]

The Many Universities of California

While nerve-racking, one of the most exciting times as a parent has been my daughter’s junior year of high school. This has been the year to visit local universities to help whittle down her college […]

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach

The text came out of the blue: “I have an extra ticket for Trail of Dead performing ‘Source Tags & Codes’ in its entirety. Would you be interested?” Trail of Dead is short for the […]