Five Minutes to Myself

The highlight of each morning is that brief moment after my workout. I put away the weights and exercise mat, and swing the door open. That moment is an opportunity to breathe in the morning […]

Last Week in Los Angeles

May is almost over and the city continues to evolve in the COVID-19 era. Here are a few things that occurred in Los Angeles this past week. City of Angels Boxing Empties Out City of […]

Music During Quarantine

It’s funny how much my music habits have changed since the pandemic forced me out of the daily commute. Thankfully, I have the ability to continue working from my dining table. My 17-year-old daughter sits […]

Travels of an Angeleno Before COVID-19: A Day in Shanghai

After three grueling days of walking in and around the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the time had finally come to enjoy the city. I had already developed blisters on both feet by this time. […]

Random Thoughts

The days are warming up and people are tiring of safer-at-home restrictions. We all suffer from a short memory these days. If a topic goes beyond the lifespan of an Instagram viral (no pun intended) […]

A Difficult Start to 2020

2020 has been challenging to say the least. It has not been all bad but those lows have been dramatic. It’s as if the emotions and events of an average year have all occurred within […]