Los Angeles Is Broiling

This is not breaking news but it’s also impossible to not make it a talking point: The city is scorching hot! The worst part about it, we’re all stuck at home.

As we kicked off August, temperatures were daily in the high 70’s and low 80’s. Clouds rolled in for a couple of days and it started to feel as though summer would close out without much heat. This would have been a positive note in a year filled with tension, uncertainty, and all-around bad news. Then, ten days into the month, thermometers began to rise. We were at 90 by Wednesday or Thursday with 10-day forecasts resembling speeds heading north on the 2 freeway.

In previous years, there were lots of respites for L.A. heat waves. You could head out to the beach; hit a public pool; huddle up under the shade of trees in any of our parks; and of course, hide out in the comfort of an air-conditioned movie theater. The beaches and parks may be open but it’s nearly impossible to feel comfortable in those crowds. Theaters and malls are closed shut for the foreseeable future.

This year doesn’t leave us with many choices for escape. Staying home gets unbearable at high temperatures. The portable air conditioner in my tiny living room was losing the battle Sunday by late afternoon. We closed out the evening outside our front door until we were ready to call it a night.

So what are Angelenos to do as Los Angeles continues to broil this week? If your car has AC, it’s time to drive. Drive-ins are already making a comeback all around the nation. Los Angeles has always been a car town and despite the years of eliminating car lanes in favor of bicycle lanes, this is the best time to jump in a car and cruise the city. Pick up a meal from a place you’ve been dying to try for a while, take in the curves of Mulholland Drive, or take Sunset Boulevard until you hit the water. Rolling blackouts are coming soon so fill up your tank and leave the house behind.

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