A Shaker in L.A. to Close Out July

July ended with some heat in Los Angeles. We were in the 90’s each of the final days of the month right through the first weekend of August. Read below for a few other L.A. occurrences as we push through the summer.

Early Morning Jolt

My Thursday morning alarm

I was just waking up Thursday morning when the shaking began. A 4.2-magnitude quake may not be strong enough to cause damage but the rumble is audible and the movement is enough to make you pause and wonder if it’s the beginning of something about to intensify. Thankfully, it did not. {Read More}

COVID Cases Climbing

If you must go out, keep your distance and wear a mask

Back in March when the coronavirus forced the nation to shut down, California was seen as an example of taking early action to protect people. Unfortunately, as time went on, it also became the center of the resistance to masks. That resistance is only one of the factors leading to the surge in cases and deaths. Los Angeles county has recorded 192,177 cases and 4,693 deaths. Take care of yourselves and others out there. And please, wear a mask. {Read More}

At Least We Have Sports Now

Not how things look this year

The Dodgers came back to play in an empty Dodger Stadium. The Lakers are playing in empty Orlando arenas in what has become known as the NBA bubble. Like the rest of us, players are adjusting on the fly to a new way of working in 2020. Many are thankful because being stuck at home is a little easier when live sports are on. {Read More}

Sports Take a Knee

Image Source: OC Register

Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association restarted their seasons with bold statements demanding equality. Players of both leagues knelt down during the national anthem or during separate ceremonies. Some basketball players also replaced the last names on the back of their jerseys with words of solidarity. The National Football League has been silent on the subject. {Read More: MLB, NBA}

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