June 22, 2020: Last Week in Los Angeles

Things are open and there are more people on the road. Here are some of the key moments of the last week in the city of Los Angeles.

DACA Remains in Place

Image Source: immigrantlc.org

The Supreme Court decided on June 18 the DACA program would remain in place. It was the opinion of the court that the methods used to rescind the program were “arbitrary and capricious.” Like with most Trump defeats during his presidency, this does not end here and the administration will continue to do all it can to eliminate DACA despite the fact Dreamers pay $60 billion in annual taxes. In 2017, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce estimated Dreamers contribute $5.5 billion to California’s GDP. {Read More}

Andres Guardado

Image Source: ktt2.com

Andres Guardado was only 18 years old when he was killed by a deputy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He was working as a security guard at a Gardena autobody shop when it occurred. He is another name on the long list of people killed by officers who, when it comes to black and brown skin, shoot first and ask questions later—if they ask questions at all. {Read More}

Junipero Serra Statue Toppled

Image Source: latimes.com

For a long time, 4th graders in Los Angeles schools had to create models of a chosen California mission. I remember years ago having to help my daughter with hers and feeling uneasy about it. The purpose of missions in California was to take indigenous people and force them to adopt Christianity. That mentality should not be celebrated much like Columbus “discovering” America should not be celebrated. Saturday, protesters toppled the statue of Father Junipero Serra in Los Angeles. Serra was one of the Spanish missionaries who worked tirelessly inside these missions to eliminate Native American cultures. {Read More}

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