June 15, 2020: Last Week in Los Angeles

Protests continued in Los Angeles this week and Coronavirus cases are climbing again. Here are some other things happening in Los Angeles.

Class of 2020

High school has come to an end for many seniors in the Los Angeles Unified School District—including my own daughter. Every traditional event of the senior year was canceled. Commencement ceremonies were held over the web, in front of computer screens. Parties were replaced by drive-by events. In the end, those celebrations will stay with these kids forever and the story of their graduation year will be unlike any other. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020 and a special shout-out to my own Kiddo. We’re all very proud of you!

Orange County Problems

Why worry about little problems like police brutality and systemic racism when there are more pressing problems? Last week, people of Orange County made their voices heard about the real problem: being forced to cover your face. {Read More}

More Businesses Open

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Some restaurants opened their dining rooms and gyms were given the green light to open. Even Disney announced plans to reopen Disneyland and California Adventure in mid-July. As I drove around this weekend, foot traffic looked as if everything was back to normal. It’s doubtful people will rush back to gyms but there’s no doubt they are eager to get back out. {Read More}

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