June 29, 2020: Last Week in Los Angeles

2020 will be like no other… but at least there will be baseball.

It’s Time for Dodger Baseball

Play ball!

We will have baseball in 2020! The season will begin July 24 and consist of 60 games. The Dodgers will play the western division teams of both leagues. Spitting will not be allowed, players will wear masks in the dugouts, and the stands will be empty. This must be Spectrum’s dream.
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Good Riddance to Song of The South

Image Source: disneyparks.disney.go.com

As the country has been forced to finally look inward at the many subtle and not so subtle systems of oppression, Disney has finally accepted it is time to remove the Song of the South references from Splash Mountain. Even better, the ride will be reimagined with a Princess and the Frog theme.
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Experience Old Los Angeles from Your Couch

Angels Flight with City Hall in the background

HBO is bringing back Perry Mason like only HBO knows how. The show is set in 1930’s Los Angeles and, as it so often happens, the city quickly becomes a major character. The first episode prominently features a fully operational Angels’ Flight in its original Bunker Hill location on Third street. With most of us still spending lots of time at home, there’s no better way to get reacquainted with our city and its long history of grit and corruption.
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