May 25, 2020: Last Week in Los Angeles

May is almost over and the city continues to evolve in the COVID-19 era. Here are a few things that occurred in Los Angeles this past week.

City of Angels Boxing Empties Out

City of Angels Boxing was a thriving boxing gym in the heart of the city before March 2020. It welcomed people from all around Los Angeles and invited us all to don boxing gloves and hit something. Today, the bright mural with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Oscar de la Hoya, and Mike Tyson remains but the inside is being emptied out. As it prepares for an at-home fitness program, it’s unclear if the physical gym will reopen to kick your ass in person. (More)

University of California Will Stop Using SAT/ACT Scores

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

The University of California system has agreed to stop using SAT and ACT test scores in their admissions process. The UC will work to create their own test to implement by 2025 but reserved the possibility of eliminating the testing requirement if the new this new test does not meet their standard. (Read More)

Pro Sports Could Return to Los Angeles in June

California Governor Gavin Newsom said earlier this week that professional sporting events could potentially return in June. Games would take place without fans in the stands but we’ll take it. It would be nice to watch live sports on TV instead of spending more time searching for a movie to stream than the actual running time of the movie itself. (Read More)

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