The Health Plan: 1 Year Later

It was one year ago that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The diagnosis marked a new point in life. I changed my diet and prioritized exercise as part of daily routine.

My blood pressure went back to normal and the doctors gradually took the medication away. I lost 25 pounds, my energy levels soared, and my overall attitude improved. But the journey has not been without its setbacks.

The last months have brought the holidays, added work responsibilities, and a few of life’s surprises. Now, just days after turning 39, my blood pressure is climbing again. I may need to face the real possibility this blood pressure problem may be genetic. After all, I’ve maintained the new health plan throughout the entire year.

What will the 2019 annual checkup bring? Will I be again placed on medication? Will the doctor find additional health problems? Where will this plan take me in 2019?

The changes made over the last year were necessary and I have no plans of returning to the older lifestyle. I’ve come to enjoy the daily physical exertion, even if I detest waking up so early. The news from one year ago forced me to prioritize diet and exercise and I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. This year, the plan is to maintain that lifestyle while somehow finding the time to write more (no more inactive Los Angeles Noise months, hopefully). Here’s to the next 12 months!

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