The Power of Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion. Under the right circumstances, it makes us better and pushes us forward. Under the wrong ones, it stops us from moving in any direction. In many ways, the most meaningful characteristics of our lives are results of how we reacted in moments of fear.

The human brain is what sets us apart from other species. It has the ability to solve the most complex of problems and create the most stunning expressions of life. It is also our biggest obstacle. When we have doubts about an unknown situation, it is our brain that gets carried away and focuses exclusively on the worst possible outcome of the fearful situation when instead, as logic would tell us, it should focus on the likeliest outcome.

Fear keeps us from opening doors and accepting new opportunities. It is what keeps us in bad situations because “the evil you know is better than the evil you don’t”. We remain stuck because we are afraid. It took a long time to realize this but I made a personal vow as an adult that I would not let fear guide my life. I am not always successful in following this advice but being aware of it has helped me throughout the years. Even the decision to start this site required I overcome my own fears and doubts.

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