Goodbye, 2017

The year 2017 is officially behind us. It was not a particularly great year but it’s always an achievement to survive the year. After all, it was certainly an eventful year. The Trump Presidency became […]

Real Cars at the Mecum Auto Auction

Between work, play, and family, Las Vegas is like a second home. This time around, work brought me to the City of Sin a week before Thanksgiving. I flew in Friday morning to walk a […]

The Power of Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion. Under the right circumstances, it makes us better and pushes us forward. Under the wrong ones, it stops us from moving in any direction. In many ways, the most meaningful […]

The “Joys” of Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us. Expect crowded malls, lots of spending, and congested parking lots. I’m accustomed to the first two but gridlocked parking lots are still the worst characteristic of the holidays. From […]

A Painful Commute Through Los Angeles

I sat on the Five watching the temporary dividers, empty construction trucks, and mounds of gravel off to the side as my car inched forward. I slowly moved north out of Orange County wishing I […]

The Thanksgiving Meal: A Family Affair

October brings us playoff baseball and the World Series. It’s packed with evenings of fun frights at haunted houses and theme parks, all capped off with Halloween. In magnificent contrast, November is about warmth in […]