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The “Joys” of Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us. Expect crowded malls, lots of spending, and congested parking lots. I’m accustomed to the first two but gridlocked parking lots are still the worst characteristic of the holidays. From […]

A Painful Commute Through Los Angeles

I sat on the Five watching the temporary dividers, empty construction trucks, and mounds of gravel off to the side as my car inched forward. I slowly moved north out of Orange County wishing I […]

Peaceful Protest: As American As Apple Pie

In the aftermath of the sports world’s reaction to President Donald Trump’s opinions on kneeling during the national anthem, I would like to post some words I wrote the afternoon of January 30, 2017. In […]

The Vision of Los Angeles Noise

  Los Angeles is more than a vast collection of neighborhoods uniting to form a massive metropolis. Live here long enough and the city becomes part of you. I am an example of that. Everything […]